Integrated Energy Intelligence.
Welcome to WING.

WING is ready for the future.
The near future where homes will be integrated and energy intelligent.

WING is the home energy management system that will shake up the energy management industry.

As our lives incorporate more objects connected to the cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes a reality in our home. WING is an innovative and patented smart panel that is a part of this cloud ecosystem, supporting today’s reality and setting a new standard on infrastructure for intelligent homes.

A positive impact on the environment, a long term contribution to your pocketbook and a socially responsible path for you to follow, this is what WING is all about.

An energy intelligent home is possible and affordable. Welcome to WING.

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Intelligence and integration can now be part of the core infrastructure of your home.

WING is a patented smart panel that can help you make “cents” of all of this. It provides meaningful details on your electricity usage at the device or circuit level and encourages and helps you to set realistic and meaningful energy saving goals. WING can also convey this information wherever you are and to whomever you would like over a smart device.

WING is a seamless, elegant and intuitive home energy management system - no add-ons and no clutter.

A smarter, energy conscious home is possible and affordable.

Is your stove showing a peak in consumption that may be related to a technical problem? How much money did it cost to leave your computer on all day? Are you exceeding the energy generated from your solar panel or your budgeted bill? Are you consuming more energy than a comparable house in your area?

Intelligent and connected through Wi-Fi, our smart panel allows you to access your energy-related information through your own smart device or computer in real time showing: present use, forecasts of your next monthly energy bill and, if interested, compare your consumption with your friends or similar homes in your community.

Devices can now communicate and learn from each other.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) becomes part of our homes, more objects, "things", will be intelligent. Rather than living in its own, proprietary technology, WING foresees a future in diversity. The robust Application Programming Interface (API) of this smart panel invites third parties (such as manufacturers of smart "things") to create devices that truly connect.

Look around and have some fun.

Once you gain an understanding on the power consumption for each of the devices you have at home, you may be curious to know how your home is performing when compared with some of your friends, similar homes in your neighbourhood or city, or standards established by your utility.

Saving energy and reducing your family’s power consumption can become a fun competition. If you decide to play, your WING can connect with other WING smart panels in your area (or just those of your friends & family) and let you know how you compare. Right from the app on your phone, WING will encourage you to set meaningful goals and help put you on a path of continuous improvement.

WING gives you the tools to make a difference in your pocketbook as well as on the environment. WING also ensures privacy of all of your information and only allows your energy consumption data to be shared as aggregated data, or independently just if you agree to it (with the ability to change that at any time).

A positive impact on the environment, a long term contribution to your pocketbook and a socially responsible path for you to follow, this is what WING is all about.